Fall Remodeling Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

Looking to revamp your home during the fall months, but unsure where to start? Empire Construction Group has collected some of our top remodeling ideas for the fall season. Here’s what you need to know about those fall renovations.

5 Tips for Choosing a New Front Door

Your doors are more than just entryways to your home. They’re the first thing a visitor, or potential buyer sees when they arrive to enter. Your front door speaks volumes about your sense of style. It can add or detract from the ambience of your home.

How Hiring a Professional Remodeling Contractor Actually Saves You Money

Hiring a professional remodeling contractor for your home or business remodeling project will cost you some money. Many people decide that they would rather do some of the work, create their own design. Handle several different contractors instead of spending this money on a dedicated remodeling contractor. However, these people typically don’t realize that there...