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Must-Haves for Your Kansas City Dream Kitchen

When the day finally arrives to build your dream kitchen, you don’t want any regrets about your choices. It takes careful planning to ensure your dream kitchen is everything you’ve wanted and more. Here are the must-haves for your dream kitchen.

Go for the Quartz Counters Instead

While you probably always wanted granite or marble countertops, consider quartz counters instead. This is the ideal material combining the stunning impact and elegance of actual stone, but with some key design and functional bonuses. Top Kansas City kitchen remodelers know that if tt’s made with real stone, so you’re still getting the natural appearance you desire. However, because it’s manufactured it provides far more durability. It is stronger, nonporous, and best of all completely color customized. You get the exact look you want. Ironically, it is more expensive than most stone countertops. It’s worth the splurge for its longer life, lower maintenance, and completely customizable look.

Customize Your Cabinets

Nothing says dream kitchen more than sleek customized cabinets. Not only do you get the exact look you want, but also every possible inch of the kitchen is used wisely. You expand your style options immensely allowing you to pick and choose, and mix and match for a totally one of a kind look. You also get storage smart, functional features. You’ll make the most of your space from floor to ceiling and in every tiny corner, with all the bells and whistles to boot.

Smarter Appliance Ideas

Today’s appliances don’t just work with the rest of your technology. They also come with smarter ideas that improve the look and function of your kitchen. For example, counter-depth fridges align with your counter depth creating a more streamlined look.

They’re also perfect for kitchens with tighter spaces. Drawer model dishwashers are hidden, eco-friendly models allowing you to run smaller loads. Pop-up small appliances disappear beneath counters when you need more surface space.

Super Deep Sink

If you cook or entertain a lot, a super deep sink is an unexpected luxury. It makes it easier to do everything. You can fill deep pasta pots, soak massive roasting pans, and fit more dirty dishes in the sink to free up counter space.

Germ-Free Touch-Activated Faucets

Since the arrival of COVID-19, hyper germ fears abound. Nothing is safer than touch-activated faucets. They’re so much easier when your hands are covered in food. It’s cleaner all around. The look is more minimalist as they don’t have handles.

Range Hood Decisions

It’s been a while since range hoods became a kitchen focal point. However, today many homeowners are embracing a new trend – hidden range hoods. They’re built into cabinets to keep everything look less imposing.

Slab Backsplash

Subway tile and mosaics are so yesterday. The slab backsplash is in. You get a more solid, continuous wall, made even more dramatic using the same material as your counters. It creates a high-end finish that is less busy. If you find it too smooth, you can break it up with a mosaic feature above the stove or sink.

These must-haves will provide the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready to start planning your dream kitchen, give the Empire Construction team a call today.