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Design and Remodel the Perfect Family Room with These Tips

Spending time with your family might be the most important thing you do in your home. The design, function and feel of your family room can make it easier and more enjoyable to gather as a family. It’s worthwhile to put in a bit of extra time designing the perfect family room. With these tips, you can create a space that your family will love to gather in well into the future.

1. Start with Structure

The shape, size and layout of your family room should depend on two things. The first is how the rest of your home is oriented. In open-concept spaces, you need to keep in mind how the space will flow and what will be near your kitchen island or your dining table.

The second thing is the activities you’ll do in the room itself. Should you have two couches across from one another to maximize seating? Is there a focal point around a television or a fireplace? Do you need to reserve a nook for an office? These questions can help you design the right overall room layout.

2. Decide on the Largest Furniture First

Once you know the overall layout of the space, you’ll have dimensions and you can choose furniture. Always start with the largest pieces, so that you can ensure you’ll have room for the number of seats that you need in the space. Also, try to choose high-quality pieces for sofas and loveseats, as they are foundational and should stay in the space for a long time.

3. Choose Trendy, But Make it Small

You can add tons of trendy elements to your living room but remember that you may not want to include these elements in the room forever. Choose smaller, interchangeable features to be trendy, while keeping the largest elements classic. Side tables, lighting fixtures, and ottomans are great spots to indulge in something trendy.

4. Size the Rug Accordingly

Rugs are fantastic elements to help pull a room together and define the space visually. One problem we often see is a rug that is too small for the defined seating area. The rug should be much larger, so it fits your seating, coffee table and extends beyond both.

If you can pull it off, it’s also a great idea to get a rug that will pull in various colors and perhaps even textures from the rest of the room. It can pull the whole design together.

5. Try a Functional Coffee Table

A coffee table will quickly become a visual focal point of a room, but once you’re using it, it may get bogged down with clutter. We suggest you choose one with some storage, so you can tuck that clutter away and make the room more inviting. It’s simpler to gather as a family if there is always room to gather.

6. Don’t Underestimate Window Treatments

Blinds or drapes can help visually define a room’s style. You can use them to contrast with the walls and add texture or soften a design that is already bold. Besides, quality window treatments will also give you the sun and heat control you need to keep the space comfortable.

These home remodeling tips should help you get started. If you are looking for a contractor in your area, give the Empire Construction team a call today.