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Fall Remodeling Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

Looking to revamp your home during the fall months, but unsure where to start? Empire Construction Group has collected some of our top remodeling ideas for the fall season. Here’s what you need to know about those fall renovations.

Reseal Your Driveway

Your driveway takes a beating throughout the year, and the best time to reseal is fall.

Things to consider when resealing:

  • The curing process takes roughly 24-hours
  • Clean the driveway before beginning
  • Start early so the asphalt doesn’t cool immediately when night temperatures drop
  • Begin at the highest point of the drive so the sealer spreads evenly
  • Consider a squeegee to fill pores completely
  • Call an expert for an expert finish

We often suggest clients create a border for the driveway before beginning this project. Clear away any overgrown grass or foliage, then sweep and pressure wash so the sealer reaches every nook and cranny.

Outdoor Fire Pit and Kitchen Area

Fall means spending time outside, and nothing is more enjoyable while outdoors than a fireplace, and cooking space.

Whether you opt for a stone pizza oven, contained firepit, fire table, or gas firepit and BBQ combo, you are sure to inspire many enjoyable nights on the patio.

At Empire Construction Group, we work closely with our customers while designing outdoor entertainment areas. From start to finish, we can help you create the perfect seating area, dining space, deck, walkways, gazebos, and more.

Window and Door Replacement

The lifespan of a window runs roughly 15-20 years, depending on how well they are maintained. Doors, on the other hand, can last as long as the house if they are well cared for. That said, many homeowners choose to update and renovate doors to increase aesthetics and curbside appeal.

Fall is a good time to renovate doors and windows. Weather patterns are mild, and temperatures are comfortable, meaning if the job takes longer than expected, you can sleep comfortably with wrapped windows until the glass is installed.

Swapping out windows and doors not only brings new life to a home, but helps you save on heating and cooling bills, and gives you time to inspect frames for signs of mold, weather damage, or insects.

Bathroom Renovations

Like other home renovation projects, fall is a great time to take on a bathroom remodel. There is no risk of pipes freezing, or projects being extended due to bad weather. You can finish your bathroom in record time and create an entirely new vibe in your home.

Whether you are changing an existing bathroom or adding a new one, we can help you create a spa oasis right in your own home.

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