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Remodeling Projects You Should Do Before Selling Your Kansas City Home

If you’re selling your home in Kansas City, it is a wise idea to do some kinds of remodeling projects, or multiple projects, in order to get the full value for your home. While the specific remodel that is best for you is dependent on your exact home and what buyers are looking for in your neighborhood, we do have some hard data from Remodeling about which home renovations are most valuable in our state. The best projects to do are those that recoup a higher percentage of their value. Consider those projects first and you’ll wind up in a much better position to sell.

1. Mid-Range Kitchen Remodels: 74%

Those who complete kitchen remodels in our area recoup an average of 74% of their cost when they sell the home. Not just any kitchen remodel though, a minor, mid-range one. High-end remodels in a mid-range neighborhood is a fast way to sink your money. People will not shell out for luxury features if they are not buying a luxury home (although the opposite is true in more expensive homes.)

You also don’t want to do remodels that are too extensive. Forget knocking out walls and instead target a handful of spots where your kitchen is very outdated and improve those first. Cabinetry, countertops and a new island can make a big difference.

2. Manufactured Stone Veneer: 61%

Curb appeal matters to buyers much more than you may think. You’re used to the inside of your home because you spend the most time there, but a buyer’s first impression of your exterior matters tremendously. Nothing they find inside will make up for a very ugly exterior. Adding manufactured stone veneer to your home’s exterior can recoup 61% of the cost. The material is also useful in some interior spaces.

3. Door Replacements: 59-58%

You can also boost the curb appeal of your home by replacing your exterior door with steel and garage door with no specific material. These may recoup you 59 and 58% of the value of the door respectively.

4. Bathroom Remodels: 53%

If your exterior is already solid, and you’ve fixed the major issues with your kitchen, the bathroom is a great spot to focus on next. Keeping a universal design and adding selected high-end features to best appeal to your likely buyer is a wise idea. On average, bathroom remodels recoup 53% of their value. Adding a midrange addition can recoup you 50% and can help your home really stand out if the bathroom is currently small.

5. Up-Scale Kitchen Remodels: 49%

Not surprisingly, sinking a bit more money into your kitchen, if you’re in a neighborhood where people are looking for an upscale kitchen, can earn you a great return of almost half your cost. If you’re investing in upscale, be sure to have professional guidance to ensure the space will be appealing.

While we’ve focused a lot on the value you recoup from renovations, don’t forget that they are just average. Some remodeling projects can add much more value to your home if they correct major issues or add the exact features a buyer wants. It’ll depend on your specific circumstances.

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