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Signs it’s Time for Window Replacement

The windows in your home have an average lifespan of 20-25 years. This means, depending on the age of your home and the last renovations made, you may need window replacement from time to time.

Windows do so much more than let in light and airflow. They also protect you from the elements and enhance your home’s insulation. As windows age and weaken, you risk water leaks, lost heat, and more. All of these issues impact your electricity bill and increase the costs of heating and cooling.

At Empire Construction Group we specialize in window and door replacement and can help you replace all your windows on time and on budget.

Are you unsure if your windows need to be replaced? Here are some signs to watch for.


Drafty windows are a big problem. Not only do they let warm air out and cool air in. They also let other things in, like bugs, moisture, and ice.

Drafty windows mean something isn’t lining up quite right between the internal and external frame. This could be caused by warping, damage to the frame, or trapped moisture in the frame. It’s important to have drafty windows fixed early because they could lead to more intense damage down the road.


Condensation builds up with cold air meets warm air. On a window, it could mean that there are cracks or gaps around the frame, letting the warm air inside your house mingle with the cold air outside. This condensation is problematic because it can lead to mildew and mold if not properly taken care of.

If you notice condensation, check for drafts, and call your local window repair technician to take a look.

High Energy Bills

As we mentioned above, your windows play a role in your energy bill. If your windows aren’t properly sealing themselves when they close, it could mean a loss of heat or cool air. When heat is lost during cold months, and cool air is sucked out during hot months, your internal air system works harder to make up the difference and maintain your favored temperature.

If you notice high energy bills, it could mean your windows aren’t insulating as well as they used to.

Sticky Windows

Is your window giving you trouble when you try to open, close, lock, or unlock it? This is a big deal. If your window sticks, it could mean the frame is warped, or there is damage to one or more of the components.

Sticky windows lead to big problems, including a further breakdown of the frame and materials. It’s best to get this issue worked out as soon as possible. In some cases, the window and frame may just need to be cleaned or greased. Speak to a window expert to determine the best course of action.

Mildew on Frames

Notice your beautiful white window frames looking a little black on the inside corners? This means mildew and mold are beginning to form. Condensation, water leaks, and drafts all-cause mildew to grow. This spoils the air quality in your home, and slowly eats away at your window frames, and eventually your house.

Mark that it’s time to replace your home window

If you notice that one of your windows has become cracked or damaged, then it might be time to replace them. However, for home window replacement, make sure that all other options have been exhausted first. You should consider calling an expert who specializes in repairing windows. They will know how to fix cracks and leaks without causing further damage.

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