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7 Outdoor Living Space Ideas that will Increase Your Home’s Value

Looking for ways to increase the value of your Kansas home by adding to the great outdoors? Here are 7 ideas to improve your living space from Empire Construction Group.

1. Outdoor Kitchen

Gone are the days of the simple smoker and BBQ. Kansas is known for outdoor entertainment, and to give the people what they want, you should opt for an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens can include stone pizza ovens, deep double sinks, fire tables, BBQs, dining areas, seating spaces, and more.

2. Pool and Spa

No outdoor Kansas space is complete without a personal spa. If you want to promote the value of your home and draw interest in your outdoor space, a pool and hot tub are the best routes to take.

Empire Construction Group can help you design a bespoke outdoor spa to fit both your living space and your budget.

3. Garden Gazebos

Gazebos and pergolas draw the eye and create drama. Turn your outdoor space into a dream garden with a quaint roofed space to sit and spend the days.

Gazebos can be completely decorative or serve a purpose, including garden benches, BBQs, and fire tables.

4. Paved Paths

Garden paths are a great addition to any landscaping. They add value and improve the look of your home by instilling a sense of permanence and purpose.

Rather than sprinkling gravel, quarts, or stones to create garden walks, consider paving your paths.

5. Patios and Decks

Nothing says outdoor living space quite like a well-kept patio or deck. From your backyard to your front porch, Empire Construction Group will help you design decks that fit your space and personal needs.

Whether you want to entertain, plant a patio garden, enjoy a porch swing, or have a space to grill with friends, patios improve the overall appearance and value of your home.

6. Outdoor Lighting

Lighting doesn’t just make your property more accessible in the evening, it adds ambiance and flow. Outdoor lighting treatments vary depending on the vibe you wish to create. Some ideas for your outdoor living space include:

  • Twinkle lights above the outdoor kitchen
  • Patio lights
  • Pool lights
  • Garden pathway lights
  • Classic streetlamps at the edge of the drive
  • Illuminated driveway
  • Motion sensor lights

7. Water Feature

You’ve got your swimming pool and hot tub, but what about your garden and greenery? Ever think about adding a water feature to draw the eye and increase curb appeal? Consider adding manmade water features like:

Waterfalls – Waterfalls sound dramatic, and they are! You can add these elements anywhere in your yard to create ambience and change the mood of your outdoor living space. Waterfalls make a great addition to your pool or can be implemented in hilly areas of your yard with rock walls and foliage additions.

Koi ponds – Nothing says relaxation like a classic koi pond. You can use any fish which suits your locale’s climate. From goldfish to tadpoles, your garden pond can host a variety of aquatic life, plants, and beauty.

Fountains – Fountains are great because they work in any area of your landscaping. Add them to the front yard, the back garden, or in the center of an existing water feature, like your pool or koi pond.

Splashpads – If you’ve got kids, you have the perfect excuse to add a splashpad. These fun outdoor play areas, squirt water out of various sprinklers, fountains, and streams, ensuring your little ones have a great time outdoors.

Thinking about adding a new outdoor living space upgrade? Empire Construction Group can help. Call us at 1-913-375-8886 to learn more.