Kansas City Deck & Patio Remodeling

There are a lot of upsides to installing a deck or patio on your Kansas City home. These features are known to generate a good return on investment for homeowners. You effectively increase your living space. A deck or patio creates a wonderful setting for you to spend memorable time with family and friends. It’s a relaxing retreat to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy some sunshine on your own as well.

Whatever your desired use for an outdoor living space, these pointers will help you proceed with your deck and patio remodeling.

Set Your Budget

As with all home renovations, you should always start with your budget. When you’re considering a deck or patio job, it’s even more important to determine your budget at the outset, as there is a huge range of possibilities when it comes to size, materials, finishes, and extra features.

Setting a firm budget helps you to set your expectations, make your project affordable, and ensure that your job runs smoothly.

Location, Location, Location

Think about how you are going to use your deck or patio. Are you sun seekers, or do you want as much shade as possible? Consider the placement of your deck or patio in relation to the sun throughout the day.

It’s important to be aware of drainage on your lot as well, to make sure that your deck or patio will be well placed away from pooling water. How far will your deck or patio be from your neighbors’ homes? Don’t forget a raised deck or patio could reduce both yours and your neighbors’ privacy.

Also, be mindful of things like tree canopies and proximity to your own house.

The Design

It’s a good idea to match the style and design of your deck or patio to your house. The result should tie in to the overall aesthetic. Think about the size of your deck or patio as well as materials. Choose your materials based on your budget, but also on your expectation of maintenance. Some materials (natural vs. synthetic) require more upkeep than others.

What sort of accessories would you like that fit within your budget? How about an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, sound system, or lush landscaping?

Permits in Place

When you’re altering your home’s footprint, as you would be with the installation of a deck or patio, you almost always require permits. That is especially true if you are incorporating gas hookups, wiring, or plumbing.

Don’t roll the dice and try to get work done without the right permits. Not only are you potentially creating hazards, but you could also be on the hook for additional costs later on. There could be fines, repairs, or even the possibility of having to tear work down and do it over again.

Work with a certified, reliable contractor to design your deck or patio as well as guide you through the permitting process. You’ll get a better-quality product and peace of mind as well.