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How Outdoor Living Spaces Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether it’s a luxurious swimming pool and cabana, an open-air kitchen and dining area, or a cozy fire pit for roasting marshmallows, outdoor living spaces are a great way to enjoy your home and increase its value. Homebuilders, realtors, and landscape construction specialists are seeing more homebuyers looking for outdoor living designs, in order to allow them to get more enjoyment out of their home’s exterior space.

A Different Kind of Home Addition

As its popularity grows, the concept of outdoor living is quickly evolving to take on new meaning. Rather than a simple dining set on a patio, people are opting for porches with a switch to transform the space into a screened enclosure, or door walls that open completely for a smooth transition from the indoors out.

Outdoor living spaces are just as important in our cold states as our warm states. With innovations of a lot of different products, renovations can be made during colder months, and homeowners can make use of those spaces for longer in the year.

Not All Outdoor Living Spaces Have Equal Value

Homeowners are excited about outdoor living features, but not all features are popular. Some of the most common outdoor living space additions include:

  • Technology, televisions and surround sound entertainment
  • Kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, cooktops, and sinks
  • Fireplaces and fire pits
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Dining areas, canopies, decks/patios, and pergolas

Whether your indoor-outdoor living options have a positive effect on your home’s value is based on what people in similar houses are doing. For example, if every house in the neighborhood has a swimming pool, yours is key to keeping your home’s value on the high end with similar houses. If no one else has a swimming pool, the fact that you have one doesn’t add much value, if any.

Measuring the Benefit as a Whole

Even if no one around you is embracing indoor-outdoor transitional living yet, you may still want that outdoor fireplace and TV. When you consider the potential personal enjoyment and take a look at some of the outdoor living options that can serve as an indoor space, the cost may be well worth the net benefit.

That’s not to mention the fact that adding features to an outdoor space or including them in a new home’s design can be cheap compared to upscale renovations inside your home. The outdoor space is, relatively speaking, inexpensive compared to doing something formal inside the house. It’s also an affordable option to add a little footprint to your home that doesn’t overwhelm the design of the home.

Any change to your home that costs money should be measured for the monetary cost and potential return on investment you’ll receive at the time of sale. But with the variation in cost you have with outdoor living or transitional living options, the enjoyment you get should also be carefully considered.

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