Commercial Bathroom Renovation

Trends to Incorporate in Your Commercial Bathroom Renovation Project

Designing for experiences, and experience in the bathroom matters. Customers, guests, and staff want to have a clean and relaxing experience in the commercial bathroom. The quality of the space should also match your branding. If you offer high-end, unique, or distinct experiences or products, your bathroom should feel the same. Restaurants with incredible food should have incredible bathrooms. Here are some trends that can help you meet and exceed expectations.

Clean Materials

Everyone’s first expectation of a commercial bathroom is that it should be clean. If you have any kind of traffic through your bathroom, you know that keeping it clean can be a challenge. You can cut down on your work if you pick the right materials that are easy to keep clean. For the countertops, a nonporous material is critical, as they absorb fewer germs and are easier to clean in the first place.

For floors and walls, it’s best to try to limit the amount of grout. Grout is a challenge to clean and can make a bathroom feel grimy quickly. Choose larger tiles to limit grout or avoid tiling altogether. As for materials, ceramic and natural stone are two good options that have a range of styles, while being durable and moisture resistant.

Plant Walls and Focal Points

Plants make any space feel livelier, including the bathroom. Don’t just add a few potted plants here and there, make a statement with plant walls, or larger plant focal points like trees and shrubs. The humid space in a bathroom lends itself well to tropical plants that can help you make even more of a statement.

Hand-Free Fixtures

Hands-free fixtures are the most convenient and clean choice. You can give your customers a much better experience with hands-free toilets, soap dispensers, faucets and hand driers. These items are also more sustainable, saving paper towel usage and water. You can find high-end hands-free fixtures that are suitable for more upscale bathrooms.

Sink Trends

The sink is the focal point in a commercial bathroom. If you want to make a big statement, it’s a great idea to focus on the sink. The type of basin is one option. Choose individual basins, raised above the countertop to create more personal and private feelings. Or, choose one long basin made of a high-end and interesting material to make a very modern statement. Also consider unusual water flow options, like waterfalls, to delight guests.

Soothing, Smart Lightning

If you have a low-traffic bathroom, an automatic light might be the smartest option for you, that way you’re not wasting energy when no one is in the bathroom. In any bathroom, choosing energy-efficient LED lights, in a more natural color, will create a more soothing environment.

Unusual Colors

There are so many beige bathrooms in commercial properties, it is quite boring. You can get both a stylish bathroom for years to come and an unusual color when you work with the right designer. Blues, greens, and even black can be great color options for a high-end commercial bathroom.

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