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Essentials for Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, bringing your family together for everything from morning coffee to dinner and dessert. So, of course, you want the best possible look and feel in your

Are you a Kansas City homeowner remodeling your home for a new look and feel? Empire Construction Group can help you from top to bottom.

Here are our top kitchen reno tips!

Hidden Recycling and Trash

Nobody wants to see what you’re throwing away, and most of all, nobody wants to smell it. Hidden enclosed recycling, trash, and compost depositories help hide the not so pretty side of
your kitchen while keeping it accessible to you.

Many Kansas City homeowners are choosing to hide their trash in easy-to-use pull-outs. These pull-outs look like ordinary drawers or cupboards, but when you pull them out, you can toss them away refuse with ease.

Cupboard and Countertop Lighting

No home is complete without lighting, and let’s face it, kitchens are notoriously cluttered with cupboards, drawers, and counters. It gets tough to get enough natural light in to properly see
everything you want to see.

Fortunately, cupboard and countertop lighting is becoming a huge trend in Kansas, with many homeowners choosing to light cupboards from below, drawers from within, and shelves from the

Extra lighting opens your kitchen up, making it appear bigger and brighter. It also helps facilitate your cooking and prep process when it comes time to find all those handy accessories and
appliances you need.

Multifunctional Islands

Islands are used for so much more than a place to put the cutting board. Modern kitchen islands might include:

● Double basin sinks for veg and fruit washing
● Built-in cutting surfaces
● Stovetop cooking stations
● Seating for breakfast bars
● Extra storage below the counter

We’ve also noticed a rise in the popularity of marble and quartz countertops for kitchen islands.

Modern live edge tables and countertops are also becoming very popular, including hardwood tabletops combined with epoxy features.

Whether you go dark or light, think about the overall size and functionality of your kitchen to choose a surface style that works for you.


So many kitchen appliances can now be built in to avoid unnecessary space usage and clutter. One of our favorite modern built-ins is the built-in refrigerator. It sounds strange, but it looks

How do you build a refrigerator in your kitchen? Recesses are made in the walls to include your fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave, and any other appliance you wish to build in. This
allows the layout of your kitchen to remain open while still providing all the necessary appliances to cook and clean your way to domesticated bliss.


Walk-ins are another popular feature of modern kitchen renovations. The most popular being the walk-in pantry.

Pantries take up a lot of space but are essential for dry food storage. A walk-in can be used for so much more than just food. Many homeowners also use their walk-in pantry to store stand-up
deep freezes, laundry facilities, and more.

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