Commercial Remodel

6 Tips for a Successful Commercial Remodel

Designing and remodeling a commercial space is a big responsibility. Unlike your home, you’re left responsible for the wellbeing and interests of many parties, including:

  • Customers
  • Shareholders
  • Employees
  • Management
  • Community Members

Commercial Remodeling Tips

Empire Construction Group has facilitated many commercial remodels. Here are six tips from the pros.

1. Set Your Budget

Your budget is very important, bigger than you think. The amount you spend on this project will affect future budgets, current materials, schedules, and more. You want to choose a budget that fits your business, but also ensures that works are done on time and quality materials are purchased. As you begin working with your contractor, create and complete the budget so everyone is on the same track.

2. Create Your Design in Advance

Renovations are never a good “fly by your seat” idea. There’s far too much room for problems and mistakes to not have a concrete plan as you begin renovating a commercial space.
Commercial building spaces may include other retail establishments or are close to residential areas.

3. Consider Your Customers

In commercial real estate, it isn’t only you and your staff you need to consider when designing a space. Your customers will need to use that space too. When you start design work with your contractor, it might help to have some customer input. You can create a poll on social media, or bring in outside consultants to help finalize a winning concept for your building.

4. Promote Energy Efficiency

Americans are thinking more and more about energy efficiency and green living this is very important because they’re considered more responsible than ever for your carbon footprint on the planet. Designing an energy-efficient building not only ensures your community is happy with the changes, but that you save money in energy bills down the road.

5. Pick a Schedule that Works

Renovations take time, and time is money. The longer your renovation is running, the less time you’ll spend with customers, and the less work will be done in your business. Create a schedule everyone can commit to and stay on top of it to ensure it is complete on time.

6. Remember the Outside

Commercial building renovations don’t always happen inside. The outside of your building matters too. Think about the integrity of doors and windows, the current roof situation, and the landscaping. You can create a dynamite business aesthetic simply by changing the gardens and foliage outside. Think about adding paved pathways, garden beds, and a water feature to amp up your outdoor appearance.

Kansas City Commercial Remodeling

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