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3 Types Of Flooring That Can Boost The Value Of Your Home

The floor of a home is one of the unsung heroes of helping to determine the overall look and feel of that home. While most people are looking at the color of the paint on the walls or the furniture, the types of flooring in a home plays a big role.

Carpet, while common, is not always the best choice for flooring that increases the value of a home, though it has its place in secondary areas, such as a bedroom. For the rest of the home, however, these three types of flooring surfaces are often the ones that provide the most value.

1 – Vinyl

This used to be a very unpopular choice in the past due to the look and feel of it. Vinyl flooring was often associated with cheaper appearances and lower quality. Today, however, all of that has changed. Modern vinyl flooring surfaces provide a potent combination of being configurable to just about any color, pattern—and even, to some degree, texture—that a homeowner wants, while at the same time providing durability without a high price.

If you’re looking for a flooring choice that is low maintenance, comparatively cheap to install but provides years of durability, without losing its look, there are many vinyl flooring choices now available that mimic the look of more expensive surfaces.

2 – Tile

Stone has always been a popular choice for floors, and this is especially true in areas where water usage occurs regularly, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Stone comes in a variety of colors and textures, but the one thing it has going for it is durability.

While more costly than vinyl, stone is resistant to contamination and water damage. It’s a harder, cooler surface that doesn’t scratch or chip very easily, so it’s always a good choice. When laid out as tile, it’s easy to replace portions of the floor with replacements.

3 – Hardwood

This is still the most popular choice when it comes to flooring, and while it is pricier and requires a bit more maintenance, the softness, and warm look that hardwood brings to a room is so popular that many homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home when it features hardwood flooring.

Of course, the same softness and organic, homey feel of hardwood comes with a price. This type of flooring is a little more vulnerable compared to stone and vinyl, so staining from liquids, and even water damage can potentially occur without prompt maintenance to spills. The surface is also less durable and can be more easily scratched or chipped. So while many love the look of a hardwood floor and are willing to pay for it, it does mean a bit more commitment to care and maintenance to preserve the look.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home with new flooring surfaces, but aren’t sure which is right for your needs, we can help. Contact Empire Construction Group, and we can listen to your home needs and wants, and provide the solutions that will add both comfort and value to your home improvement.