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Tips to Make Your Office Building Renovation Stress-Free

An office building renovation can be a big project, that significantly interferes with your business even when the contractor does everything they can to limit their impact. It’s normal for you to feel stressed about the projects’ timeline, cost, and final result. However, there are things that you, and your commercial contractor, can do to reduce this stress significantly. Use these tips for your remodel and you will find that it goes much more smoothly.

1. Have One Point of Contact

It can be stressful to get incomplete information from someone working on your project. Instead, focus on having one point of contact with your remodelers, and one point of contact in your business. This limits communication problems and helps the contractor keep you up-to-date in a timely manner. With more complete information, you’ll feel better.

2. Understand the Payment Schedule

When should you pay your contractor and how much? It can be quite stressful to be reminded that 30% of your quote is due soon if you weren’t quite sure when you’d be paying. Be sure that you understand the payment schedule before any work begins, so that you won’t be struggling to adjust your cash flow when you need to make a payment.

3. Have Contingency Plans

What will you do if the project goes on for longer than you planned? Small delays are normal and virtually every project will hit a snag or two. Be sure that you know how you’ll keep your office running in the event of a delay, well before there is even a sign of a delay. That way, if you get news that the project will run a week longer than expected, you won’t be scrambling to come up with a plan.

4. Try Not to Micromanage

It makes sense that you want to check in on your project and know what’s being done. However, spending too much time keeping track of little details can stress you out unnecessarily. For example, you don’t want to be stressing because one of your contractor’s staff members called in sick and they may not make the progress they need to that day. That’s a problem for the contractor to deal with (and they will.) If you’ve chosen a professional that you trust, then let their experience guide you, instead of being involved in every minor problem that crops up.

5. Communicate to Staff or Customers

You might also deal with the stress that your staff and your customers feel during a commercial renovation. A great way to get ahead of this problem is to communicate with them about the situation well in advance. Give them a timetable for the renovations and update them about changes and delays.

6. Choose the Right Renovating Contractor

In the end, the kind of experience that you have during your renovation will largely depend on the customer service skills of the remodeling contractor that you chose. How responsive, experienced, and dedicated they are can make the difference between a simple remodel and one that is fraught with stress. Choosing the right contractor will help you significantly.

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