5 questions ask kansas city commercial remodeling contractor

5 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Before you choose a Kansas City commercial remodeling contractor, it is important to get a sense of who they are and what kind of work they will be able to do for you. You can learn a lot from their website, but it’s important to sit down for a conversation. You can get answers to the questions that matter to you. If you’re not sure where to start here are five questions you should ask your potential commercial remodeler.

1. What’s Your Experience with Commercial Work?

Many residential remodelers make the jump into doing commercial work without being fully prepared for what it will entail. Ideally, you’d choose a contractor who has completed some commercial projects and understands that you have different needs than a homeowner who is looking for a kitchen remodel.

Ask about the past projects and find out if they came in under budget and on time. If they didn’t, what did the contractor learn and how will they avoid the same problems with your project?

2. Who are Your Subcontractors?

Almost all commercial remodeling contractors will use subcontractors. They should have a strong pool of experts to draw on when they need a particular kind of work, and subcontractors can provide this skill for less. These savings can be passed down to you. That said, you should still be informed about what subcontractors will be working on your project and the quality of their work. Your remodeling contractor should have a long and fruitful relationship with them.

3. What Kind and Amount of Insurance Coverage Do You Have?

A commercial remodeling contractor needs to have a very large amount of general contractors liability insurance coverage, due to the sheer size of their projects and the number of people involved. Accidents on a commercial property can be serious. You’ll also be investing a lot in your project and deserve to have proper insurance coverage in case something unexpected happens.

4. Do You Foresee Any Possible Changes to This Project?

It’s time to get a little more specific and start talking about your project. Inevitably, there will be a hiccup in your remodel. Few go off without a hitch, and sometimes the scope of work does need to be changed if there is a safety or other issue.

However, you don’t have to walk into this without any idea of what could change. Often, experienced remodelers know what kind of problems they may be facing, depending on the kind of property you have and the work you’re getting done. It is a great idea to discuss how likely a big change is, and what kind of change might be necessary.

5. What’s Your Payment Schedule?

You know the overall price of the project, but what will be due and when? It is typical for commercial remodelers to ask for a deposit before work begins. However, this should not be an excessive amount. A low deposit of 10% or less is fair. You should then have staggered payments throughout the project, and not send in the final payment until after the final inspection and walk-through is complete.

These tips help get you to the next remodeling. If you are looking for a contractor in your area, give the Empire Construction team a call today.