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Top 9 Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2021

As so many people are staying home more during the pandemic, they are paying more attention than ever to the state of their home and how comfortable and functional it is. The kitchen is easily one of the best places to remodel in most homes, and trends are picking up as so many homeowners take on a kitchen remodel. If you’re in the same boat, discover the top nine kitchen remodeling trends of 2021 below.

1. Walled Off Spaces

Have you taken to working in or near your open concept kitchen? Then it may not surprise you that many people are considering walling off portions of their kitchen or the spaces near the kitchen in order to make a more private workspace. Screens, half walls and other ways to create nooks are becoming more popular as they become more useful.

2. Darker Colors

All-white kitchens are fading fast and more colorful, engaging options are on the way. While past years have focused on lighter options, in 2021 expect very dark hues to be trendy. Dark blue, green and reds are great options.

3. L-Shaped Kitchens

If you will be remodeling the size and shape of your kitchen, consider an L-shape. You’ll have more countertop space, a good corner spot to add an island, and the kitchen will better transition into the next room. Small kitchens can typically be maximized with L-shapes.

4. Less Decorative Shelving

Open shelving and transparent glass shelving are falling out of vogue. It is harder to keep a kitchen from looking cluttered when it has these elements, and as people spend more time working from home, getting rid of that cluttered feeling is paramount.

5. Larger Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have long been the staple of modern kitchens remodeling trends. They are flexible spaces you can use to cook, eat, and supervise the kids as they do their homework. Multi-functional spaces like this are more important than ever, so it makes sense that people are looking for larger kitchen islands.

6. Softer Light Fixtures

We mean softer as in material choices and design, not in the intensity of light. In 2021 it’ll be common to see woven, natural, or minimalistic metal light fixtures that soften the space. Expect industrial lighting to be on its way out.

7. Matte Finishes

That shiny stainless-steel look is on its way out along with the other elements of more industrial styles. Instead, expect matte and brushed finishes on your cupboards and other surfaces in the kitchen. This allows your cabinetry to stand out more–which is where you typically want emphasis anyway.

8. More Wood

While last year shinier, more modern materials like quartz were making a comeback, in 2021, we’ll see some focus return to wood. Wood cabinets, accents and accessories make spaces feel softer and more natural, which is just what many people are craving.

9. Green is In

Building on the emphasis for natural, livable spaces, many homeowners and designers are turning to green as their primary kitchen color.

These kitchen remodeling trends should help you get started. If you are looking for a contractor in your area, give the Empire Construction team a call today.