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Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Spring

After a long winter, it’s exciting to think about revamping your outdoor living space and using it for spring entertaining. How do you make sure that your space is a breath of fresh air and perfectly functional even in slightly cooler weather? Here are some outdoor living space ideas that work perfectly with spring.

Parasols and Trellises

The risk of rain and wind is ever-present in spring. What happens when your space gets rained or blown out? You don’t need to let a spot of bad weather stop you. Consider adding umbrellas and trellises to block wind and rain. For spring, consider frilly, large and brightly colored parasols over traditional umbrellas. And try light wood grains for the trellis, as they fit in well with spring pastels.

Early Spring Greenery

Does your spring space look a little brown? Many landscapes are planned with summer in mind. Apart from a few spring bulbs, you may not have anything to add greenery to your space. Add large temporary potted plants to fill in empty spots in your garden. Grow a vine on your walls to make a larger green impact. Or, add smaller potted plants to your outdoor spaces to distract from the recovering gardens around you.

Spring Colors

Spring is all about those bright colors, but how do you add them in without making them a permanent part of your space? Look into getting these items in bright spring pastels:

  • Table runners
  • Table clothes
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Candles or lanterns
  • Glassware
  • Blankets

Adding spring centerpieces to your table is another great way to make your green space more inviting. Consider thematic elements like eggs and rabbits. Add traditional spring materials like light woods, wicker and cotton fabrics.

Decks or Patios

One of the only discouraging parts of trying to enjoy your outdoor space in the spring is that it can get wet and muddy. Solve this problem by creating a platform for your furniture with a deck or patio. Decks are better options to raise you further above the wet grass and drain faster than a patio would. However, patios can achieve great looks with natural stone in intricate patterns. In the end, it’s about what you find most appealing.

Hot Tubs

It might be a little early to get in the pool, even if you have a heater. Pools just feel like one of those summer experiences. But a hot tub can be comfortable any time of the year. They are particularly great in spring because they are warm and easy to shelter from the wind. Place spring-themed screens around your hot tub or place it beneath a pergola for some extra wind-resistance.

Fire Features

Just like hot tubs, a fire table, fire pit or fireplace can be a perfect option to get some warmth while you’re enjoying your yard. Firepits and fireplaces create the most heat, but a fire table can be a more sophisticated option that works better in more manicured spaces.

In the end, think about what kind of experience you want to have in your yard this spring. This will guide you to add features you’ll truly enjoy.

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