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Installing a Patio this Spring? Factors to Consider First

Spring is the perfect time to add a patio to your backyard. The weather isn’t quite nice enough to use the space, but not so bad that it interferes with construction. If you are considering taking the plunge on a patio this spring, you might want to consider a few things first. Here’s what you should think about when planning your patio project this spring.

Size of the Patio

You shouldn’t just base your patio size on the size of your yard. It’s fine to have a patio that takes up almost all of the space in your yard, and it’s fine to have a small one that takes up a third or less of the space. What your decision actually comes down to is what balance of patio to lawn and garden you want, and what you want to do on the patio.

Consider the size of the table, seating, fire pit, outdoor kitchen or other features you want and make sure your patio will be large enough for them. Then, consider how much grass and garden space you have left, and if you’ll be happy with it. Taking up more space with the patio means less lawn mowing–a big bonus for some people.

Position and Shape

Now that you know how large your patio needs to be, you should consider where to place it. When you’re using stone, you can make unusual shapes that include curves to make the most of your space. Creating an oval is challenging with a deck, but simple for a professional using stones or interlocking bricks.

Material Options

While interlocking pavers are the most common material choice for a patio, they are far from the only option. You can also get a patio made of poured concrete, that is stamped for texture. Or, you can use large natural flagstone or other stones for a highly modern look. For the more rustic, traditional bricks are also a great option.

Which material option will work best for your style and yard? It depends on several factors. Professionals can help you narrow down your options to the best ones, and get you access to higher quality material options through their suppler. If you’re looking for a unique texture or color for your patio, working with a professional can be a real benefit.

Patio Integration

How will your patio work with the other elements of your yard? Should it be separated by your gardens with some lawn, or bump right up against a garden bed or two? Should you add a pergola or other structure to add shade and shelter to your entertaining area? What about pathways? Paths leading to and from the patio can make your space more functional and easier for those with physical disabilities to access.

There’s much more that goes into planning a patio. If you’re looking to add one to your space this spring, it’s smart to start your plan with a professional.