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Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2020

Your kitchen backsplash provides a major style feature for your kitchen. Backsplashes protect your walls so have to be washable, work well with your kitchen counters, and provide a touch of style. Here are some exciting backsplash trends as we enter the next decade of kitchen design.

Expanding Backsplashes

As mentioned, the trend to do away with upper cabinets doesn’t show signs of stopping. Expect to see more ceiling-height backsplashes creating a new focal point in kitchen design. These areas demand impact achieved with classic tile designs to create texture and patterns. However, many designs might also require less pattern and more clean space.

Larger Tiles

The dependable subway tiles so familiar in kitchens of the past decade, are being switched up for larger tile sizes. You get the classic look of subway tile with tiles going as big as 4” x 12”. This works well to create the illusion of space in smaller kitchens, but also gets rid of an overly textured tiled wall in larger spaces. People also like the fact they are easier to clean with fewer grout lines.

More Sparkle

Metallics and mirrors bring sparkle to the kitchen. The reflective surfaces are easy to clean while also making the most of your lighting. Mirrors in solid panels make the most of small spaces, while small tiles add drama. Less glossy finishes can also be found in metallic tiles from edgy stainless steel to more traditional copper, brass, or bronze.


As more people choose less textured countertops like quartz you need to add texture elsewhere. Patterned backsplashes create a focal point, and the chance to customize your kitchen. You can mix and match colors and sizes, or simply choose a tile with its own pattern. Popular designs of late include the classic Moroccan tile, but also include herringbones and chevrons. The tiles themselves are stylized in different shapes, but painted tiles with various patterns are also popular. Tiles can also be chosen in various colors to create a myriad of custom patterns.

Repurposed and Reclaimed

The trend to find new uses for materials is making a huge impact on kitchen design. From used CDs to reclaimed wood and copper pennies to bottle tops and broken glass the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget. Just keep in mind the material has to be reasonably easy to install, with a finish to keep them water and stain-proof.
Interesting Finishes

Technology creates new finishes from aging to weathering and faux materials to printing customed tile and vinyl. Printing allows manufacturers to customize backsplashes but also creates tons of faux looks from stone to brick and wood to leather.

Slab Backsplashes

Slab backsplashes work especially well when you use the same material as your counters. Large slabs of stone or quartz can create a completely seamless backsplash for the easiest clean-up ever. It also creates a very modern, clean look. Interesting veining on marble slabs can be mirrored side by side to create interesting focal points as well.

Glass Finishes

Glass offers a unique customizable option, from protecting a retro fabric you love, to painting glass to create your own unique finish. There are also all kinds of textured options available such as waterfalls, raindrops, frosting, etching and more.

As you can see, 2020 backsplash trends are sure to enhance the look of your kitchen. If you are working on a kitchen remodel or upgrade call the experts at Empire Construction today.