kansas city Driveway Repair

Signs You Need Driveway Repair

Curb appeal adds value to your home while also showing your pride of ownership. If you allow your driveway to fall into disrepair, it can really become an eyesore on your street. Not only does your home look less appealing, but cracks and potholes can also damage your car. With severe damage, you can even have issues with the foundation of your driveway, which can lead to costly repairs and replacement. Here are some signs you need driveway repair.

Surface Cracks

Often, cracks can just use a quick fix if they are less than 1/4″ wide. However, depending on the wear of your driveway, although the crack is repaired, it will not be aesthetically pleasing. Major cracks can be a sign of a more serious underlying issue. Cracks can require a full-depth reclamation. If you have large or multiple cracks, it’s probably best to repave your driveway.


Potholes look terrible and can be highly damaging to your vehicle. Deep potholes can also expose the under layers of your property, which can lead to severe foundation damage. The weather will continue to wear away at potholes, and once the foundation is exposed, it will begin to soften. This can lead to further damage, both below and on the surface of your driveway. Although you can patch potholes, it will just be a matter of time before you need to repave your driveway. The longer your potholes are exposed, the more damage can be caused to the foundation. It will be less costly to make repairs before the foundation has time to soften, but if you let it go too far, you may be looking at hiring Kansas City concrete contractors for driveway tear out and replacement.

Stains and Fading

Stains and fading are usually cosmetic issues. As the pavement ages, it will be exposed to the sun and turn gray. As well, things such as oil leaks can leave ugly stains. The longer and wider your driveway, the worse stains and fading appear. Often, a simple seal coating will do the trick and provide extra protection from future discoloration.

Drainage Issues

Water collection is a sign of drainage issues. Keep an eye on puddles that are forming, and if they seem to be getting deeper, you should have a paving professional take a look. The sooner you can figure out the cause, the lower your chances for serious damage to set in.

Border Deterioration

When there are missing chunks along your border, the damaged areas will have to be repaired. The longer the damage is left, the more erosion will occur. That will have the same effect as potholes.

Outdated Design or High-Maintenance Surfaces

In some cases, you might simply have a driveway that is beginning to look outdated. Some materials such as interlocking brick driveways can also be very high maintenance. Weeds, loose sand, and sinking are common maintenance issues for interlocking brick driveways. To make life easier, you might consider having a paved driveway instead. It will reduce the need for adjustments and provide years of maintenance-free use.

By acting fast, you can avoid costly repairs in the future. The sooner you act, the more affordable driveway repair is. You will also improve the appearance of your property, adding to the resale value of your home. Get a free consultation today!