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Home Remodeling Projects that will Boost Your Kansas City Home’s Value

If you want to maximize the value of your home before you sell, you should carefully select your remodeling projects based on what buyers in your area want most. You can meet with a real estate agent to discuss this, or you can rely on research conducted by Remodeling. Every year, the publication puts out their research on what remodeling projects generate the most value for sellers, even dividing the data up by region. In Kansas City, we’re in Remodeling’s West North Central area. We’ll compare the data for this area to what local Kansas City real estate agents say that their buyers are looking for on HomeLight.

Mid-Range, Minor Kitchen Remodel

When you’re making your remodel decisions it is important to divide projects by scope and by cost, as Remodeling does. Kitchen remodels give you the best boost to home value, but only when they are minor and mid-range. Do not invest too much money in this project and do not include luxury features unless your market strongly demands them.

Real estate agents in Kansas City have found that buyers respond strongly to new granite countertops, fresh paint, and cabinets that are in style. In fact, cabinets are one of the features that buyers complain about the most, so it is important to get them right.

Stone Veneers or Siding for Home Exteriors

Curb appeal is a big deal for home buyers. Buyers may reject a home with a bad curb appeal right from their vehicle, not bothering to look inside. That may be the reason that Remodeling has found a stone veneer upgrade to a home’s exterior to be the second most valuable remodeling project, and updated vinyl siding in the top five.

If you’ll be focusing on your home’s exterior, and you’re selling in spring, summer or fall, spend a bit of time on the yard. Real estate agents find that a simple and clean yard, with nice (but not necessarily elaborate) landscaping, will draw buyers in.

Entry Door & Garage Door Replacements

In the winter, all of that focus on the landscaping may not necessarily be wise. You can still expect a big return on exterior materials, but that may not be possible in the weather. In this case, updating the doors may be wiser.

Replacing the entry door and garage door with steel (not just giving a coat of paint) are in the top five most valuable remodels.  Be sure to contact a reputable Kansas City custom garage door company to get a great new custom garage door designed and installed.

Bathroom Remodels

Of course, bathroom remodels are also high up on the list of remodels that increase your home value the most. As with the kitchen, taking big risks here is not wise. Remodeling has determined that you tend to get the most value from bathrooms with universal designs and appeal.

Real estate agents have found that fresh paint is great for bathrooms. Buyers might also be swayed by trendy things, like barn doors, just don’t go crazy with them.

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