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10 Tips for Planning a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are an exciting prospect. They offer the opportunity to create a beautiful space with the conveniences and luxuries you’ve always wanted. However, if you want your bathroom remodel to be successful, you should keep these 10 helpful tips in mind.

1. Set Your Budget

Knowing up front how much you can invest is the best way to keep things from spiraling out of control. Your contractor will know what to work towards and will be careful not to go over budget. Consider the following when setting a budget:

  • Are you planning to sell your home within a few years?
  • Will your remodel require relocating plumbed-in items?
  • What upgrades are essential?
  • What can you afford to invest?

If you are selling soon, make sure your choices are more neutral, so they have mass appeal.

2. What Type of Bathroom Do You Want?

Most people will repurpose their current bathroom as-is. However, this is the opportunity to reconsider the type of bathroom you want. The bathroom types include:

  • Standard: This is also known as a full bath and includes a sink, toilet, and a bath and/or shower.
  • Master en-suites: These have the same features as above, but are contained within the master bedroom. They often have a spa-like design with high-end features like major walk-in multi-head showers or soaking tubs.
  • Half bath: This is also known as a powder room and only has a sink and toilet.
  • Wet bathroom: This is a growing trend where your full bathroom is completely waterproofed with a shower opening up to the rest of the room. They make excellent use of the space, well also being extremely easy to adapt as you age. You add grab bars and a shower seat and voila easy showering.

You might enlarge a bathroom for a master suite, or reduce the size to make more space for a neighboring room.

3. Bathroom Layout

Configuring your new bathroom provides the best use of the space. It also allows you to make changes for functionality. As well, you can relay out the space if you are enlarging for an en suite or decreasing from a full bath to a powder room.

4. Tub or No Tub

This comes down to personal preference. As mentioned, new trends lean towards a massive shower with all the luxe features.

5. Lighting

Lighting includes consideration for opening the area to let in more natural light, adding task lighting for shaving and applying make-up and even updated lighting features in the shower stall or bathtub.

6. Ventilation

Ventilation helps reduce damp and moisture that lead to mold and mildew. You need an exhaust fan to reduce moisture when showering or bathing.

7. Luxurious Details

Decide where you can splurge. Some luxe ideas include:

  • Heated floor
  • Heated towel rail
  • Wall-mounted fixtures for a modern look

You might even consider adding a skylight to let in more natural light.

8. Durability

Avoid cutting costs by downgrading materials. Instead, focus on top quality, durable materials to ensure easier care and longer-lasting aesthetics.

9. Bathroom Additions

If this is a new bathroom, make sure the area allocated will work.

10. Accessibility

If this is your forever home and the kids have flown the coop, you might consider changes that will make your bathroom accessible as you age. These tips will help make your bathroom remodel successful.

If you are ready to remodel your bathroom, call the Empire Construction team today.