Everything You Need to Include in Your Spa-Inspired Master Bath

The master bath should be a little escape from the world located right in your very own home. For Kansas homeowners, many master baths get neglected due to busy lifestyles and a lack of imagination. Empire Construction Group oversees many spa-inspired bathrooms every year. We specialize in making these mundane spaces something special.

Interested in creating a spa experience in your master bath? Check out these tips.

Bring in the Nature

The spa experience is first and foremost about connecting to nature. Think about the elements as you decorate and create your bathroom space. Opt for décor such as:

  • Wooden trays
  • Smooth stones
  • Water feature
  • Floral arrangements
  • Living plant wall
  • Windows in your shower or tub area

The more nature you can instill in your master bath, the more likely you are to feel like you’re away at a spa, rather than sitting in the tub at home.

Heated Floors and Steam Shower

What’s the one thing the spa has that your home doesn’t? Over the top opulence. Spas are all about those ritzy vibes. Consider adding heated floors to your bathroom to take it up a notch.

Heated floors are a great feature on cold winter mornings, but they also help stabilize air pressure and temperature in your bathroom when you start running hot water. This decreases the risks of mildew.

Steam showers are another high-class element, offering a slice of a European hot spring retreat at home. Steam up your shower and treat yourself to a sauna experience without the added cost.

Jet That Tub

Baths are relaxing, cozy, and inviting. How can you increase the pleasure of your tub? How about adding some jets?!

Jet tubs give that spa feeling by offering a sense of massage. Relax your hard-worked limbs with a long hot soak in a jet tub, and you’ll be thankful you made the switch.

Calming Colors and Open Spaces

When choosing a theme for your master bath, think about calming colors. Pale blues, soft yellows, soothing grays and hints of white. Anything that brings that hint of nature into your bathroom in a subtle way.

Open spaces are another way to improve the feeling and appearance of your bathroom. Rather than cramming as much into one space as you can, consider extending your bathroom to create more open space, and less clutter.

Lighting for Ambience

Light enhances human mood, so it makes sense that in a spa-like bathroom experience you would want as much natural light as possible. What you can’t achieve with a shower window or skylight, you can create with added light fixtures. We recommend hidden lighting, enclosed in the walls and ceiling, under shelving, and around the shower to create the feeling of natural light, even in a manmade setting.

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