Common Reasons for Adding a New Room to Your Home

Common Reasons for Adding a New Room to Your Home

Adding a new room to your home can be an ideal alternative to moving. If you love your neighborhood, home, and lifestyle but are feeling a little crowded, a new room can provide you with an affordable way to improve your living space. Here are some of the most common reasons for adding a new room to your home.

Avoid a Move

Although moving can be an exciting prospect, many things can make this a less than perfect idea, including:

  • You have not built up enough equity in your home to make a profit on your home sale.
  • The market is oversaturated with inventory, so it will be hard to sell your home.
  • You might not have enough money to put towards a down payment or mortgage at current housing prices.
  • You will have to uproot the kids (if you have them) from their school and friends.

If you just need more space, you can add a new bathroom, renovate your basement, or add an addition without disrupting life as you know it.

Space to Grow Into

If you are planning a family, a new room can provide the additional space needed to welcome your newborn. Although it might not seem like it now, a baby takes up a lot more space than you think. Even if you have a nursery for the baby, they will require space for all of their “equipment” from playpens to car seats and strollers to highchairs, not to mention all the toys.

If you are planning to have more than one child, play space is also a must. You will also probably need a larger kitchen or dining area to accommodate your growing family.

A More Functional Space

Sometimes, a poorly configured home can make things seem much smaller than they actually are. For example, a dysfunctional kitchen design can make the space feel unusable. You can often find additional space in your home by creating a more logical layout. A well-laid-out home becomes more functional as you find space that has not been used due to walls, awkward door placements, pillars, and other design elements.


The trend to work from home is on the rise. If you are a business owner, freelance worker, or working from home more often to reduce commute times, having your own workspace can provide a quiet, designated office separate from your living space.

Pure Indulgence

Whether it is a larger dream kitchen, a home theater, or a luxury spa bathroom, additional space can be just for the pure indulgence of it. You might want a sunroom, a loft bedroom, a playroom for the kids, or a space dedicated to entertaining. What your reasoning, if your budget allows, the sky’s the limit.

Increased Home Value

When your home equity has been building, you can build upon it for your new room. Consider where you will get the best ROI on your addition to increase profits when you sell. Just avoid overbuilding based on what is expected in your neighborhood.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, the time might be right to add a new room to your home. Contact Empire Construction Group today to get started!