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Commercial Remodeling Questions Answered

As a business, you have unique needs that aren’t necessarily a concern during a residential remodel. You may need your space to be accessible during the remodel, you may need a branded design that emphasizes your values, and you may have many more stakeholders that need to be kept up-to-date on the project. We can answer your commercial remodeling questions during the planning and as they come up during the build. For now, here are the answers to some of the most common remodeling questions.

Can We Stay Open During the Remodel?

It depends. We may need to shut off the water or power, block access to different parts of the building, move equipment, and make other adjustments for different stages of the remodel. It will all depend on the specifics of your project.

Still, every contractor should have a plan to minimize the impact of the remodel on your business. They should help you to stay open when possible and set and stick to a reasonable timeline so that you can open again as soon as possible.

In addition, sometimes remodeling can be kept hidden from clients and guests, particularly if it takes place in a part of the building that is normally only seen by staff.

What is Enough Insurance for My Remodel?

Of course, it is mandatory that any construction company working on your commercial remodel has insurance. Having enough insurance is critical too. A company that is only insured for one million may not have the coverage to deal with problems that arise during your project. One million is typically considered the bare minimum for working on a home, commercial builders should have at least two million. Discuss your contractor’s insurance, and make sure that any subcontractors they use are insured too.

What Does/Should My Estimate Include?

Budgets are critical in any remodeling project, so you want to be sure that your estimate gives a fair representation of the cost of the project so that you’re confident you will remain within your budget. Estimates should include a list of all of the specific products to be installed during the remodel. It should include any design plans, warranties, guarantees. It should include the total cost for the project, including labor, taxes and other fees.

Can You Work with Elements of My Brand?

Many commercial remodels need to be branded, with elements of your brand in various features, finishes and fixtures. This can be subtle or very direct. A talented commercial renovator should be able to design a space that will emphasize your brand and help you make a stronger impression on customers and other guests. This isn’t just about adding your logo and colors everywhere, but also about creating a space that lets people experience your brand.

Are Designs Final?

It often happens that a business wants to change some elements of the design during the build process. Wherever possible, your remodeling contractor should be willing to accommodate last-minute changes. However, you should be aware that these can add time and expense to the project.

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