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5 Things to Consider When Having Your Kansas City Deck Replaced

Making the most of your outdoor space provides you with a place to relax, entertain, and enjoy your property.

If you have a deck that is looking a little worse for wear, here are five things to consider before you go ahead with your deck replacement.

Deck Use

First, you want to consider how you will be using your deck.

  • Family meals: Consider the size of your table and chairs when pulled out, plus 4 feet surrounding the table.
  • Barbecuing: Add the measurements for your barbecue and a prep station.
  • Relaxation: If you want a separate lounge area, you will need to consider this in your measurements.


Place your furniture in your deck space. Place stakes in the ground, leaving at least three feet around the deck for people to walk around. You can adjust the stakes based on your layout preference, and once satisfied, take your measurements for your deck replacement.

Choose Your Materials

There are more choices than ever for deck replacement materials.

The best deck builders in Kansas City will always use quality wood or composite decking, as well as parts and deck fasteners.

Your choices include:

  • Pressure-Treated Wood: This is easy to work with and allows you to stain the wood to the color you want. However, it tends to corrode metal fasteners and will also be more apt to warp and crack. It is also higher maintenance than you might think. Price: $
  • Composite Decking: This comes in a wide variety of ready-to-go colors and textures. Unlike pressure-treated wood, it won’t warp, rot, or splinter. On the downside, it is usually noticeably not wood and can scuff and scratch. Price: $$
  • PVC: This product is super resistant to just about everything. It is easy to care for and won’t swell, shrink, crack, or splinter. It does not look like wood at all and can be a little “squeaky.” Price: $$
  • Cedar or Redwood: This not only looks the best but is also naturally resistant to mother nature. It will weather but improves with age. It is also easier to work with. However, it does require more waterproofing and maintenance than any other materials and is also the most expensive on our list so far. Price: $$$
  • Composite Boards: This is relatively new on the market. These boards are 75% wood fiber and 25% polypropylene. It looks very natural. The boards are easy to work with, can be treated much like wood, and are highly resistant to rot and cracking. Price: $$$$



You have a few design choices for your deck replacement, including:

  • Deck pattern: This is the way you configure your boards. They can be aligned, diagonal, basketweave, or include accent boards.
  • Stain or Color: Most products can be stained to suit your design preference. Others come in an assortment of basic colors.
  • Finishing Touches: This list is endless but, in general, includes special design touches like lighting, base trim, post caps, balusters, lattice, and more.


You might face some challenges in your yard, such as:

  • A sloped yard requires multi-levels.
  • Sunny spots could use a pergola.
  • Trees require a workaround design.
  • Privacy issues can be overcome with privacy screens.

These considerations will allow you to design a deck perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

For more help with having your Kansas City deck replaced, contact us today!