5 Fun Ideas for a Basement Remodel

5 Fun Ideas for a Basement Remodel in Kansas City

Whether your basement is unfinished or terribly outdated, a basement remodel can provide you with additional living space to enjoy.

It can also increase the value of your home.

Here are five fun ideas for your Kansas City basement remodeling project.

Family Room

Smaller homes tend to have a single room that works as a living room and family room. It might also be the only place for overnight guests to sleep. Creating a family room in your basement allows you to have a spot for everyday family time, such as playing, watching TV, and so on. Add a pullout bed, and you also have a more private space for guests. Your upstairs living room can then be kept neat and tidy for entertaining. As well, while the kids are downstairs with friends, you can enjoy the quiet space upstairs.

Master, Teen, or Guest Room

Your basement is the ideal spot for a private bedroom, including:

  • A luxurious master bedroom complete with en suite
  • A separate space for your teen or “moved-back-home” adult offspring
  • A designated guest space if you frequently entertain overnight or long-term guests

Even small basements make ideal bedrooms with just enough space for a bed and some basic furniture.

Home Gym

If you are a die-hard fitness enthusiast, a home gym can provide you with a perfect workout space with the equipment tailor-made for your favorite exercises. You can save money on gym memberships and provide a workout room that the whole family can use. Whether you want to sweat it out with hot yoga, create a weightlifting room, or design a full gym, you can stay in shape with no excuses! You can also create a rehearsal space for the dancer in the family.

Home Theater and Gaming Room

With dozens of ways to stream your favorite shows and movies, binging is all the more comfortable with an actual home theater. A massive screen, state-of-the-art sound system, and leading-edge equipment create an authentic theater experience. Real theater-style chairs are the perfect place to recline, munch on snacks, and lose yourself in the latest binge-worthy series. It can also double as a gaming room.

Party Room

If you live to entertain, creating a party room provides the perfect space to welcome guests. A built-in bar, fridge or wine cooler, full bar with counter and bar stools, and even beer taps can make entertaining easy. You can also add gaming tables such as pool, ping pong, or air hockey if space allows. If you have a walk-out to the garden from your basement, you can also enjoy a built-in outdoor kitchen for barbecue season!  Wine connoisseurs can create a special wine cellar to impress guests with your wine collection. Not only is it a great addition for entertaining, but it also provides a safe place to store your most prized possessions.

Kansas City Basement Remodeling

Any of these ideas will provide an additional space to make life more enjoyable while adding value to your home. For more ideas and help with your basement remodel in Kansas City, call Empire Construction Group today!