Kansas City Basement Remodeling

Kansas City Basement Remodeling: Create a Functional and Fun Basement

Remodeling your basement can add to your living space substantially and improve the quality of your life in your Kansas City home, not to mention, a basement remodeling can raise the value of your home.

Your basement isn’t like the rest of your home, so you’ll need to consider a number of factors. We’ve compiled some tips to help make your job successful.

The Moisture Issue

One thing that all basements have in common is the likelihood of moisture, given the proximity to the ground. You need to protect the basement from moisture properly. If you don’t, you could suffer damage to your home’s structure and your belongings.

In fact, before you do anything else, you should invest in quality waterproofing. Identify any potential areas for water flow or moisture. Look for signs of water damage, like discoloration or mold growth, and make sure that those areas are fortified. Ensure that the ground is graded away from the foundation to drain water properly.

It’s not a bad idea to install a vapor barrier around the foundation to safeguard against moisture in the future.

Become Familiar with Code

Rely on the help of your contractor to learn about what building codes are in effect in Kansas City. Not only do you want the work done to code, but you also want to have the appropriate permits in place to do so.


Basements are notoriously dark. Make yours a warm, inviting, well-lit space by paying attention to the amount, type, and placement of lights. Recessed lighting is a good choice in smaller spaces as it won’t consume headspace or impede sightlines.

Make sure that lighting is well spaced and that no areas are left in the dark. Install a few table lamps or floor lamps if needed.


Insulation matters everywhere in your home, but given the propensity for drafts and other problems in basements, make sure that you’ve got adequate insulation in your basement walls.


In addition to insulation, you should think about heating options. Basements tend to be chillier than other rooms in the home, which can be great in the summer. However, you may want to get heat via a baseboard or another kind of heater for comfortable use of the space throughout the rest of the year.


A basement is a great place for extra storage, so don’t forget to include that in your plans. You may also consider storage that is off the floor, which will protect your belongings.


While there’s any number of ceilings that will add to the decor of your basement, drop ceilings are a good choice. They provide easy access to plumbing and wiring in case you’re doing updates to the rest of the house later on.

Utility Room

It might be tempting to finish the utility room as part of your basement remodeling. However, for safety reasons, you should leave this room unfinished and with easy access in order to reduce hazards.

With the proper planning, you’ll have a warm, dry, bright basement for the whole family to enjoy.