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5 Door Replacement Ideas You Can Use

Doors play important roles both inside and outside your home. Functionally, they control traffic, preventing anyone from entering and leaving a home without permission, or creating privacy within certain rooms. Aesthetically, they can define the look of a room or even the entrance to your home. That’s why if you want something that’s more than just an average looking door, we’ve got some alternatives to consider for a door replacement project.

1 – The Garage Door

It’s a very unconventional choice, but can be extremely useful for some homeowners. Instead of the large, sliding glass doors that some people use to enter and exit the rear of a home to get to the yard, a garage door configuration might be better. Not only is it unusual, but if you need top to bottom clearance, and wide, accessible space, a garage door can give it to you. In a workshop situation, or for people that move many objects in and out frequently, this is a great choice.

2 – The Pocket Door

If you have a smaller space or prefer not to have usable space consumed by a door swinging open, a “pocket door” is a great alternative. This is a form of sliding door; however, the tracks are built into the wall itself. When you open the door, this makes the door itself invisible, as it’s now pushed into a recess within the wall. This great both for being discreet and saving space.

3 – Dutch Doors

Sometimes the best way to be unconventional is to reach back beyond traditional. The Dutch Door is a classic choice where the door is composed of two halves, a top and a bottom, which can open and close independently of each other. This is perfect for rooms where you may not have a window to the outside, but you have a door that exits the home available, so the Dutch Door can act as a makeshift window.

4 – The Hidden Door

Definitely more of a novelty choice, but always an eye-catching feature for the interior of any home. If the layout of your home is amenable, and you want something very different, a hidden door is a fun addition. While doors hidden as bookcases are the most popular choice, other alternatives are always available for a unique addition to a home.

5 – Barn Doors

This is a form of sliding door, but rather than building tracks on the ground; the tracks go on the ceiling. A great choice if you need a large door, but don’t want to have to factor the clearance of the door swinging open into the room. You can use it either to divide rooms or to conceal parts of the room that you don’t always want to look at, such as the bar area, or screen for rear projection.

If you want to change up the doors in your home, or need help with some new alternatives for a door replacement, come to us. Contact Empire Construction Group, and we can talk to you about the options available for the spaces you have in your home.