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Tips to Avoid Home Remodeling Delays & Disruptions

Home remodels are exciting to plan and to enjoy once they’ve been completed. But that in-between time, when the work is actually being done on the home, can be frustrating. Part of your home will be out of commission during the work, so it’s very frustrating when delays and disruptions come up. With a bit of planning, you can avoid a lot of the common sources of remodeling delays, and get your remodel finished faster. Here are our tips to help avoid home remodeling delays.

Hire a Professional

Many problems can be avoided by having a professional handle every part of your remodel. You may be tempted to save some money by starting or finishing a certain part of it yourself, but this usually ends up costing you a significant amount of time. Not just because DIY projects tend to take longer than professional ones, but also because your contractor may have to go over work you’ve done.

Find Potential Issues

During many remodeling projects, you’ll start the work and find a major issue that needs to be addressed. It could be a leaking pipe, damaged insulation, or something else. These issues cost money and they also cost time that you didn’t plan for. If you can find the issue ahead of time, then you can save on time. Choose a home inspector to examine the area you’d like to remodel before you start.

Start the Permit Process

Permits can hold up your renovation process, depending on how fast your county responds to requests and how likely they are to grant your permits. Working with a professional has big advantages here too. As they know the permit office and work with it all of the time, they know how to get things approved faster, when they should start the process to get an approval on time, and how to submit approvals to avoid back-and-forth. It can be very time-consuming to do this yourself, so be sure to work with a professional who will handle it for you.

Be Firm in Your Decisions

We’re not saying that you can’t or shouldn’t change your mind during the build. Inevitably, every project will change slightly as things progress. However, every change costs you time. It can be much more convenient for you if you take all of the time you need in the design phase to focus on each decision. If you start the build more confident that you have what you want, you’ll be less likely to make major changes that drag out the build process. Ultimately, this is more convenient for you because you get the space you really want, without the hassle of extending the build process.

Order and Store Materials

Sometimes delays happen because a specific material hasn’t arrived on time. Suppliers make mistakes, have too much demand, and things get delayed while they’re in transit. If we don’t have the materials, we need to progress the work, we have to stop. It can help to order materials well beforehand and store them off-site. Or, you can wait to start the job until any materials that are potentially challenging to get ahold of have arrived.

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