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Signs Your Office Building is Due for a Remodel

You may take your office space for granted. You see it every day, so you don’t look at it the way your customer or a guest may. However, office spaces that are old, unstylish, dark, cramped, or inconvenient may dramatically impact your business. Customers and guests will judge your business and its quality on the look of your space. Your building may also waste your staff’s time and undermine their productivity. If you need to look at your building with fresh eyes, consider these signs that your office building is due for a remodel.

1. Inefficient Use of Space

Have you changed how you use your office building? Maybe you do more video calls in your space, have more staff to fit in the same break room, or have moved out paper storage and made room for new technologies and tools. When you make these changes, you building can’t always keep up. Remodeling your space can make it more convenient, making your staff more efficient and more profitable.

2. Obvious Deterioration

No matter how beautiful a space was when it was first installed, it will eventually deteriorate. Aging, faded, and broken features are a sure sign that your building needs a remodel. Check for:

  • Cracked and chipped paint
  • Broken or slow faucets and fixtures
  • Faded or stained fabrics and flooring
  • Uncomfortable, squeaky, furniture
  • Stains on surfaces and fabrics
  • Chipped or broken steps
  • Water damage on ceiling, walls
  • Mold or mildew growth

3. Old Styles, Furniture, and Features

Your business will appear as old and dated as your building. When you have old styles, furniture, and features, you may develop an image problem, or have trouble making your business appear cutting-edge, high-end, or even just successful. Businesses that are doing well can afford to maintain their property and keep it up to date, so what does it say about your building if it looks old?

4. Uncomfortable Employees

Employees are less productive in spaces that make them uncomfortable. One great example is fluorescent lighting. This old lightning type actually made people less alert, productive, and happy. A simple change to LED lightning dramatically improves employee comfort. Focusing on making a better space for your employees can pay dividends in their productivity, loyalty, and general happiness. Consider remodeling the things that tend to bug employees the most:

  • Dark, dull break rooms
  • Lack of privacy in office layout
  • Old and frustrating kitchen features
  • Uncomfortable seating
  • Lighting problems
  • Bathroom cleanliness and style

5. Your Customer’s Response

Is your space leaving a bad impression on your customers? If they don’t walk in and say “wow,” you may not be making the impact you need. While spaces that make customers say “wow” emphasize the best qualities of your brand. You may seem more high-end, successful, stable, modern, innovative, and much more.

Sometimes it isn’t so much that your space is bad, but that you need more from it. If you need more space, productivity, or beauty from your office, it’s time for a remodel. Contact Empire Construction Group today.