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Signs You Need to Repair Your Commercial Building Staircase

Commercial building owners are liable for accidents caused by hazardous staircases. In order to avoid legal battles, and keep the tenants of your building safe, you should evaluate your commercial building staircase and make the necessary repairs before it ends up costing you.

Noticeable Cracks in the Treads or Risers

If you have started seeing visible cracks in your stairs’ treads, which are the parts that you step on, or on the risers, which are the vertical parts that sit perpendicular to the treads, this is a sure sign of a need for a repair or replacement.

Cracks often develop in the treads or risers due to changes in humidity levels. Once they do, you need to address them quickly or risk compromising the safety of your tenants, families and guests.

Broken, Loose or Detached Handrails and Posts

The purpose of the handrail is to offer support to those climbing the stairs, but if the handrail wobbles, it can’t serve its intended purpose. Not only will it keep tenants unprotected, but it could also end up being the cause of an accident.

In addition to being a safety concern, a loose or detached handrail may constitute as a code violation. Loose staircase posts can impact the stability of your stairs, but you may be able to fix this affordably by simply replacing the loose post.

Creaky Steps

Creaky stairs are common, especially in older homes, but this doesn’t mean the annoying creaks are something you have to live with. Gaps between the treads and risers are normally the cause of creaking, but if the gap is relatively small you may be able to fix the noisy stair problem using nothing more than some wood glue to fill in the empty space.

Water Damage

Water damage can substantially affect the structural integrity of your stairs. If you notice warping or rotting along your stairs, which may be more common on the basement or outside stairs, don’t ignore it. Generally, once your stairs accrue water damage, you will need to replace them, rather than trying to do a simple repair.

While small scratches on your stairs are generally not cause for concern, they can lead to pooling water. Slippery stairs in poor weather are a safety hazard, and pooling water will add to the safety concern.

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