remodeling your bathroom

Remodel Your Bathroom with these Trendy Ideas

A bathroom might seem like a small part of a home, but it makes a big difference. Bathroom remodeling has become something of an art, with thousands of photos to peruse on design signs and social media platforms.

If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, Empire Construction Group has a few trendy suggestions:

Hidden Toilet Tank

Gone are the days of the big clunky toilet tang hanging out behind your toilet. Hidden toilet tanks are huge right now, allowing you to minimalize your style, and improve aesthetics and space issues in one fell swoop.

The toilet tank is in these designs is still accessible. Usually through a hidden wall panel or ledge. We love the ledge idea because you can add other design elements to decorate the space, and simply slide them over if you need to access the tank.

Shower Window

Windows in the shower might seem a little risqué, but they serve a purpose. Showers are notorious for condensation, which leads to mildew and mold. Rather than trapping humidity from your hot shower in the bathroom, an open window, along with your fan, allows the air to escape quickly, drying the shower from within.

Shower windows can be made more private with blinds, frosted glass, or stained glass.

Heated Floors

There is nothing worse than entering your bathroom in the morning to feel a chill from the floor up. Heated floors are a great remodeling trick that adds value to your home, and comfort to your spa.

The underfloor heating also helps reduce condensation when steam from the hot shower enters the cold room. Underfloor heating helps to even out the temperature in your bathroom, minimizing unnecessary steam and reducing mold.

Double Up

If you have the space for it, there’s nothing quite like a double bathroom to enhance your morning routine and impress guests. Not enough room for a double-wide sink and shower? No problem. Depending on the makeup of your home, Empire Construction Group can help you extend your bathroom, creating the space you so crave to get through the morning, enjoy a relaxing soak at night, or brush your teeth side by side with your partner after dinner.

Recessed Storage

Storage is a huge problem for homeowners, especially in the bathroom which tends to be a compact space as it is. Adding shelves, cupboards, and medicine cabinets, takes up much-needed room you could be using for other things.

Recessed storage, including towel cupboards, toiletry drawers, and medicine cabinets reduces clutter and enhances space in your bathroom.

Not sure your bathroom can handle recessed storage? A member of our team can survey your current space and determine which storage areas can be transformed into internal storage.

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You can easily add storage solutions such as open shelving units or cabinet systems to keep everything organized. Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t mean having to sacrifice functionality.

The above-mentioned ideas are only a handful of the hundreds of possibilities available. We hope you found this article helpful.

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