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Raise the Bar on Your Home Entertainment Space with these Remodel Ideas

Are you a Kansas homeowner with a heart for entertaining with movies and a big bowl of popcorn? Your entertainment space can increase the enjoyment and aesthetic of your home.

At Empire Construction Group, we help clients design and bring to life a variety of home entertainment space revamps and renovations. Here are some ideas to remodel your favorite space.

Mimic Stadium Seating with a Bar

Have a love of the big screen but not enough room for a full-sized cinema at home? No problem. Any home entertainment room can mimic the stadium seating of the theater by creating three rows of comfy chairs, with a bar and bar seating at the back. The third row (the bar seating) is higher than the first two rows, creating the appearance of stadium seating with no need to alter your floors or ceilings.

This is a great entertainment concept because the chairs can always be rearranged to suit the purpose of the room. Hosting cocktail part instead of a movie night? Turn the chairs, and stock the bar for party central.

Consider a Projection Wall

For many homeowners, the thought of a large entertainment room is out of the budget. Televisions get more and more expensive the larger you get, especially when you add smart TV options for streaming and social media access.

We recommend skipping the TV altogether and opting for a projection wall instead. Movie theaters display their films by projection, so why shouldn’t you enjoy your next Oscar-winning flick the same way?

A dark room and a large white wall are the key components to a winning projection wall. We can help you design one that works for your space.

Nostalgic Machines

Popcorn, bubble gum, cotton candy, and more! Nostalgic movie theater and fair snack machines are all the rage right now. Nothing makes an entertainment space more festive or whimsical than enjoying all the snacks you loved as a kid right there in your movie room.

You can buy these machines from various shops and online retailers. Place them around your entertainment room for décor, or as a useable candy distribution unit.

Epic Lighting

They don’t say, “lights, camera, action!” for no reason. If you want to create an epic entertainment space, you need to start with epic lighting.

Lighting not only helps you dim the room enough to see the film without leaving guests in the dark, but your lights also add ambience and theme to the room.

Consider a dimmer system and ensure your projection setup allows for multiple light settings to best suit the lighting in your space.

Outdoor Cinema Space

Finally, while the indoor movies are a blast, nothing is quite as fun as a drive-in, or walk-in theater experience. Kansas summers offer the perfect temperature for laying out the picnic blankets and inviting the neighbors over for an outdoor film night.

Create the perfect outdoor cinema space with a projection setup and removable screen. Add comfy seating, a fire pit, and more to create an unforgettable experience.

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