Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Kansas City Contractors

There’s no question that investing in a home or property remodel or renovation can be exciting. When you have finally saved up enough to make this investment, you are likely ready to get started. However, don’t let your excitement cloud your better judgement.

Unfortunately, there are contractors and companies out there just trying to “get one over” on unsuspecting customers. The good news is, you can avoid being a victim of subpar work, excessive fees, or complete scams.

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Not Asking about Licensing or Insurance

One of the first questions you need to ask when hiring a contractor is if they are properly licensed and insured.

Licensing ensures that the contractor has gone through the proper channels to show they have the experience and know-how to provide the services offered. This is crucial. An unlicensed contractor may be able to offer lower prices, but that’s likely because they do shoddy work.

Insurance is just as crucial. It ensures that if a problem occurs – such as an on-site accident or damage to your property – that the company or contractor will be able to cover the costs. Without insurance you (the property owner) may be liable for these expenses.

Choosing the Lowest Estimate

Another common mistake made by people when hiring a contractor is that they get several estimates and then automatically choose the lowest price.

This is typically done without comparing the line by line costs (if they are even provided). However, to get the best value, you have to look at things such as the time the project will be completed in, the materials used (for example, there are some materials that are higher quality than others and therefore cost more), and other factors such as experience. All these things can drive a cost up, but the contractor that offers the most value is the one that needs to be hired. Usually this isn’t going to be the one with the lowest estimate.

Not Asking About Additional Fees

When you sign a contract with a contractor, you are going to have a price. However, what you may not see is “additional charges and fees.” Not all contractors have these. However, if they do, you should be told upfront, rather than surprised when you get the final bill.

Keep in mind, a quality contractor isn’t going to have these additional costs tacked on.

Hiring “Storm Chasers”

Have you ever heard of a “storm chaser?” These are contractors that show up, from out of town, after storm or other damaging weather has blown through your community. These individuals aren’t going to provide quality work and may just take your down payment and run.

By knowing what the most common mistakes are, you can avoid them. When you avoid these mistakes, you can also feel confident that you have found and are hiring a quality contractor. In the long run, it will ensure your project is successful.

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