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How to Choose the Right Light Fixture for your Dining Room

If you’re having trouble choosing the right dining room light fixture, we have some tips to make it easier. While there’s a lot to consider in terms of style, size, and cost, you’ll be able to get a better idea of a light fixture that fits your dining room before you head to the store.

Light Fixture Measurements

For general sizing, add up the length and width of your dining room in feet, then convert that total into inches. For example, a room that’s 10 x 16 feet in size (10 + 16 = 26) should have a light fixture that’s approximately 26 inches wide.

It’s also important to consider how far down you want the fixture to hang from the ceiling. The bottom of a pendant should be 30 inches from the surface of your dining table. If you’re in the process of redecorating your whole space, make sure to note the height of your new table when planning your lighting.

Types of Light Fixtures

Certain light fixtures are better suited for particular dining room styles and designs. Some of the most common preferences are:

  • Pendants – for a modern look in larger spaces and open-concept rooms
  • Chandeliers – wide chandeliers for dining rooms with square tables, or crystal chandeliers for dining rooms with circular tables
  • Flush-mounts – for small spaces or dining rooms with low ceiling heights
  • Monorail and track lighting – to add architectural features or bring focus to artwork
  • Accent lighting – wall scones or table lamps to add an inviting tone to your dining room space

The most important element to keep in mind for accent lighting is the typical eye level in the space. In a dining room, your family and guests will be sitting the majority of the time, so a height around 60 inches can work.

Dimmers and Light Bulbs to Set the Mood

Dimmers are a great way to reduce glare, invite warmth, and create a cozy atmosphere. Wall and accent lights can be installed using a separate dimmer if you’re looking for multiple light options for your dining room.

If your light fixture uses halogen or LED light bulbs, be sure that the dimmer matches the power supply. Dimming a halogen or incandescent light bulb causes the color temperature to decrease and the bulb emits an even warmer, amber glow.

Before you do pick your light bulbs, take notes of your paint colors and finishes. If you have dark walls or a dark ceiling, you will need more light (more watts) because dark colors absorb light. If you have earth tone colors like brown, red, yellow or amber match it with 2400K-2700K bulbs. If you have cooler colors like purple, blue-green or blue make sure to go with a bulb in the 3000K range or higher. Choosing the right bulbs will accent the color of the room and enrich it.

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