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Best Remodeling Projects to Invest in for an Older Home

When you have an older home, many of the spaces could likely use an upgrade. It can be a little overwhelming to choose where to invest. If you’re moving soon, focusing on increasing home value is the best. But, if you’re planning on staying a little longer, you need to balance your needs with the increased home value you project. Here are some of the best remodeling projects to invest in an older home whether you are moving soon or staying for years.

The Kitchen

Kitchens are notoriously good places to invest in homes. Buyers focus on them, and they affect your daily life directly. Kitchen trends change regularly, so chances are your old home’s kitchen can be dramatically transformed even with surface changes like cabinet color. Going further by changing the countertop, appliances, and even layout can get you even more bang for your buck. If you’re not changing everything, keep in mind that brand new things can look unusual in very old homes. Add things that reflect the home’s overall character.

Additions and Layout Changes

Open concept homes are well-loved for a reason. They are convenient, modern, open, and highly desired by buyers. Still, an open concept isn’t right for every home. Get a professional’s opinion on whether you should make a huge layout change. Try not to lose spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms if you do, because that can decrease the value of the home.

Additions can be a better way to get more space and openness in an older home. They can add a tremendous amount of value and create new rooms instead of subtracting old ones.

Windows and Doors

It is no secret that old homes have poor energy efficiency. Part of the reason is low-quality windows and doors that allow heat to pass through them. Sure, you could upgrade the home’s insulation and get a bigger benefit to energy efficiency, but insulation is hidden. New windows and doors can also improve the look of the home and help to modernize it.

Unfinished Basements

In homes with unfinished basements, buyers often worry about leaks and foundation issues. Handling any of these problems and finishing the space will help assuage buyer fears. Plus, a basement can be a very functional and enjoyable space that you will appreciate while you are still living in the home. You can create essentially anything you want, from a home office to an entertaining space.


People are more reluctant to remodel bathrooms than other spaces in the house. That means that bathrooms in old homes tend to be outdated by decades, which can make them very rewarding remodels. They are expensive, but working with a quality contractor can help you save money and time on the remodel. Try changing the tiling in the bathroom, and ideally the fixtures, in order to bring the space up to speed. You’ll be surprised at how quickly an old, dark bathroom can quickly become a light and luxurious space.

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