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Best Flooring Options for Your Commercial Building

Your new flooring can accentuate or drive the design decisions of the rest of your building. Choosing a flooring color scheme that could help create an ambiance, what type of layout you want, or picking materials to withstand high traffic are all things you may want to consider. Here are a few of the best flooring options to help you decide what’s best for your commercial building.

What Kind of Business Do You Have?

Industries have different needs and a variety of issues each day, and the right type of flooring can make things run more smoothly. Some of the most common features needed for different industries include:

  • Medical buildings – durable floors for foot traffic, paired with strict sanitation requirements
  • Educational institutions –durability and budget restrictions
  • Manufacturing facilities – strong, durable and cleanable flooring
  • Libraries and daycare centers – bright hues to engage children and families
  • Malls and retail – corporate identity and branding impacts aesthetics

Although your commercial building may serve a different purpose, there a large variation in the type of flooring that reflects the company’s ultimate goals. Additionally, flooring may be used to designate different types of rooms within a large corporation or small business.

What Are the Most Common Materials for Commercial Flooring?

There’s no need to compromise when it comes to looks and functionality. With many different options available, you can get the look you need, the practical flooring your business demands, and stay within your budget.

  • Hardwood – general durability, but proper care is needed to make it last
  • Sheet vinyl – easy to keep them well swept and clean to reduce scratches and marks
  • Laminate – made of resist contracting and expanding, they are ideal for high humidity or fluctuating temperatures
  • Eco-friendly – cork, bamboo, linoleum and rubber are environmentally friendly options
  • Vinyl composite tile (VCT) – durable, resistant to fading, and slip-resistant options
  • Carpet – carpet tiles and broadloom provide comfort, with consistent cleaning and vacuuming helping it last longer
  • Epoxy – epoxy floor coatings in Kansas City are a great long-lasting, durable flooring option
  • Polished concrete – tough, resilient, and able to handle lots of weight and pressure from heavy equipment

There are some factors used to determine this type of flooring, including life cycle, maintenance requirements, foot traffic, and expense. With all the advancements in choices of materials and installation methods, it’s possible to have beautiful commercial flooring designed to help the function of your business.

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