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7 Things Every Basement Remodel Needs

A basement remodel is one of the easiest ways to expand your living space. You can meet a variety of needs from an office to a home theater or a state-of-the-art laundry room to a new bathroom. Regardless of what you decide, here are seven things every basement remodel should include.

1. Updated Insulation and Drywall

When working with a completely unfinished basement you will need proper insulation to keep the space warm. You then need to install drywall to create finished walls.

2. New Ceiling

Your ductwork and ceiling will need to be covered. A great idea is to install drop ceilings. They help keep your basement warm, while also offering the opportunity to soundproof the space. This is a good idea if you plan to include a home theater in the new space. In fact, drop ceilings make it easier to hide all the pipes and wires for additions in the basement such as new bathrooms, laundry rooms or speakers. If you make additions later, a drop ceiling makes it easier.

3. New Staircase

In most cases, the staircase leading down to the basement is also unfinished. If budget allows you can create a custom staircase with hardwood or go completely modern. Some custom stair ideas include suspended steps, light-up steps, or using modern materials such as glass side panels. However, an easy, budget-friendly answer is to simply install carpet over the existing rough stairs.

4. Floors

There is an endless variety of flooring options for your basement remodel including:

  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Ceramic tile
  • Vinyl plank flooring
  • Engineered wood

These are all below-grade-friendly flooring options. You can even get creative with concrete or epoxy finishes for a totally unique, modern look.

5. Living Room

Your new basement rooms should include a living room of some kind. It might be a family room for kids to play, a spot for gaming and watching TV and movies, or even a space for entertaining complete with a wet bar and mini kitchen. Either way this comfort is top of mind. A TV, seating, maybe even a nice fireplace, are all things to add to this living area. This is the spot where you let lose and relax, leaving a more formal living room upstairs.

6. Bathroom

Every home can use an additional bathroom. If space allows you can even create a spa getaway in your own home. From saunas to massive walk-in showers, and jacuzzi tubs to sound systems, this is your chance to not only create a dream bathroom but also increase the value of your home. Even a simple powder room off the living area adds a convenience any homeowner will view as a bonus.

7. Designated Laundry Room

Often, homes of a certain age either have a terrible basement laundry room in the unfinished area of the home or a main floor laundry room taking up valuable space. Either of these scenarios calls for a designated, updated laundry room. New appliances, space to fold and iron clothes, racks to layout sweaters and an area for hang drying your delicates almost make doing the laundry a pleasure.

If you are ready to remodel your basement, give the experts at Empire Construction a call.