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Unique Features to Include in Your Basement Remodel

Basement remodeling trends change just as often as the latest in kitchen and bathrooms. If you’re about to remodel your basement, here are some unique features you might want to include.

Create Texture with Stone Walls

Stone walls have made a big comeback. The ultra-sleek mid-century designs a la Frank Lloyd Wright used this natural feature to create texture and calm, tranquil spaces. The stone look is available in faux products as well, which can be more cost-effective. Stone is an excellent material to surround a fireplace but can work just about anywhere.

Incorporate Reclaimed Wood

Nothing says eco-chic like reclaimed wood. The perfectly seasoned wood from barn board to old cedar decks, adds a rustic touch that is interestingly modern in today’s remodeled basements. It makes an excellent choice for bars, but can also be installed like a bead or clapboard. It’s a great way to hide nasty basement walls too! Exposed brick is another way to add texture while reducing the materials needed to finish your walls.

Turn Function into Fashion

Today’s families need different spaces and functions in almost every room. When you need to create an office, homework station, more storage, a space to entertain, etc. function is important. Use that function as a design feature. For example, create interesting nooks for each person, with shelves and storage to suit their needs above and below their work areas. You can hide away entertainment elements with artwork or retractable screens if you also use your basement to greet clients. Walls can be stacked floor to ceiling with shelving nooks for storage, using different colors of paint or interesting storage bins to distract from what’s contained within.

Cool Lighting Features

Lightning can be used to add ambiance. From under bar lighting, to lighting to draw attention to textured walls, and theatre-style lighting along the floor to hanging chandeliers above coffee tables lighting is a feature not to be overlooked.

Basement Walkouts

Basement walkouts make your basement feel less like a basement and more like an extension of your home. This is perfect if you have a pool as it keeps people from traipsing through your home in wet bathing suits to get to the bathroom or to change. It also offers a private, shaded outdoor patio for reading and relaxing. If you can’t afford the excavation costs, you can create a faux walkout or window. Lighting is installed to simulate natural light from above. You then use curtains or blinds to complete the illusion. This helps reduce the cave-like feel of the basement.

Under Stairs Features

Don’t let the space under your stairs go to waste. Open them up to create a reading nook, storage for books and toys, a built-in desk for office space, or a customized bench with lots of comfy pillows.

These unique basement remodel features make your basement space more livable and inviting. If you are remodeling your basement, the Empire Construction team is your local expert. Reach out to us today.