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Exterior Painting Tips That Can Boost Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is the real estate term that refers to just how pleasing or attractive a home looks from the street as people walk or drive past. There are a lot of different elements that factor into curb appeal, from how well-trimmed the lawn and other plant life is to the state of the walkway leading up to a home. The paint job is, of course, another major component, and if you want to increase the attractiveness of your home from the outside, here are exterior painting tips for how you can get better results with paint.

Spend Time Preparing

If you do things the way the professionals do, you’ll see that often, more time is spent preparing the exterior to be painted than in the actual painting process. The most successful and attractive home paint jobs occur when people take their time, avoid shortcuts, and put the home’s exterior in the best possible condition before even applying paint.

This means that before anything else, you should inspect the exterior and, if old paint is there, especially if it is peeling, wash it off. If there’s no issue with old paint, the surface should still be cleaned; a pressure washer is often sufficient because the presence of any dirt will compromise the adhesiveness of a new coat of paint.

Repair The Exterior

Another preparatory step homeowners should take is repairing any faults in the exterior now before the paint goes on. If there are any rough spots on the exterior, sand them down now for a smooth surface. If there are breaks or leaks, fill them in.

These steps not only ensure that paint goes on smoothly, but they also help to preserve your heating/cooling efficiency by preventing air leakage, as well as provide a barrier that can keep pests out of your home. Mice, for example, can enter a home through a hole as small as a nickel.

Apply Primer

For the very best results in painting an exterior, a coat of primer should be applied. This is a smooth, adhesive surface that gives your paint the best possible chance of easy application, while at the same time protecting the vibrancy of its color.

The presence of primer also plays another important role, and that’s reducing the need for many coats of paint. The more coats you have, the more vulnerable your paint job is.

Use The Right Paint

Always make sure you choose the right paint for the right surface. A wood exterior takes a different type of paint versus aluminum siding, and the same is true for newer vinyl siding. Do your research on which paint is most appropriate for the material that makes up your home exterior, and limit your color choices to the paints available in this group. Taking a risk on a color you like that’s meant for wood when you’ve got an aluminum home could mean a shortlived, peeling paint job in a few years.

Be sure to use these exterior painting tips to boost your home’s curb appeal.  However, if you want the best possible results, let the experts do their job! Contact Empire Construction Group, and we can help with your home improvement needs, right down to a great paint job for your home.